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Be sure to have a read on the blog regarding PEGY (Price Earnings Growth Yield), there was a basic introduction with a few PB players to watch in this blog post.

The other blog post in this series includes  PEGY Goalkeepers and Centre Backs and the other one featuring Full Backs.

There are a lot of Midfielders, so I've broken them down into a few sections. Defensive & Central Midfielders to start with. Once again I'm focusing on the Top-25 on their 3 highest PB scores this season, and also filtering for minimum of 3 games this season and average of 70 mins+ (although I've updated to include those with between 60-69 minutes too, at the bottom of this post). I then look for the value PEGY players. 

Once again, a reminder of the 4 phases I am performing this analysis over -:

Phase 1 – 9/8/2019 – 25/11/2019 (108 days)

Phase 2 – 26/11/2019 – 13/3/2020 (108 days) (Covid)

Phase 3 – 16/5/2020 – 23/08/2020 (99 days) (Post Covid – End of Season)

Phase 4 – 24/8/2020 – Current (71 Days, will reach 99 days on 1/12/2020)

JOSHUA KIMMICH – Bayern Munich (Bundesliga)

Simply, the most consistent returner on Football Index, and likely to be so for many years. I see him as a possible future king, the only thing holding him back is perhaps an age bias, even though he is at the low-end of Peak Age for a midfielder, and a lack of MB potential. So far for PB alone he has £1.18 in the last 4 phases, with EGR's ranging from 74% in the long-term, to 145% in the short-term and PEGY's ranging from 0.06 to 0.10. Throw in IPD's of 7p, 3p, 10p and 10p again, so far in Phase 4, and you have IPD's rangking from 13% EGR to 233% in the short-term and you have IPD PEGY's rangking from 0.15 to 0.28. Averaging 85 minutes per game, rarely misses a game and THE key player in a dominant Bayern team, also on corners and starting to provide more goal threat. Can only get better value, pretty much always a buy.

BRUNO FERNANDES – Man United (Premier League)

One of only three players on this list with MB potential. With PB Bruno so far has 0p, 16p, 18p and 28p which give him PEGY's as low as 0.34 over the mid-term and 0.22 over the shorter-term. On penalties and set-pieces, may struggle at some point with rotation but with IPD's of 4p, 11p, 13p and 12p with 2 months to go in Phase 4, it's just a matter of time before his long and short term PEGY's improve from 0.43 and 0.36, which are still awesome number. With PB European Multipliers and a fairly easy fixture run ahead of them, I'd expect Bruno to ramp up his PB and IPD returns, while perhaps pulling down some media at some point too, which he has been missing out on this phase, to his hybrid teammate Marcus Rashford.

JACK GREALISH – Aston Villa (Premier League)

The other player with MB potential, and on the fringes of the England squad. I know the general concensus is that Southgate doesn't like him, but I can see him having a big season and impossible to ignore. However, obviously Villa have no European competitions and it limits his appeal somewhat, outside of a good fixture run. He has won 19p in PB Divs during all 4 phases, and has a long term PB PEG of 0.39. However, his IPD's read 6p, 7p, 1p and 12p with 60 days left, so he has a long term IPD PEGY of 0.40 and a short-term PEGY over the last 2 phases of 0.01. They have a tricky run but with easier fixtures I'd expect Grealish to challenge for PB and produce plenty of IPD's for insurance, along with the odd media win. Holding for fixtures, but not much chance of TOTM with no Europe.


Penalty taker for Roma, who had a good run into the Europa League last 16 and have started their campaign pretty well in Serie-A. Veretout is slowly building up IPD's 2p, 2p, 4p and 6p so far in Phase 4. This gives him a long-term PEGY of 0.12 and short-term of 0.11, so he looks excellent value at the moment, averaging 86 minutes a game. Apart from Napoli at the tail-end of the IPD window from today, they have a favourable run of fixtures, including a couple of should-win Europa League games. Veretout can probably be in with a shout of TOTM this month, improve upon his IPD's and maybe even challenge for PB at some point. His 3 highest PB's total 432, ranking him 13th amongst Central Midfielders. Will be buying.

FRANCK KESSIE – Milan (Serie A)

I think Milan have a great season ahead of them. They have started this season how they left off last, and are now in the Europa League. The Ivory Coast International youngster has been taking penalties, and been getting ont he scoresheet with regularity, including last night. These figures are a week out of date, so he has probably improved upon his long-term IPD PEGY of 0.13 and short-term 0.08, with EGR$ ranging from 60% long-term to 200% short-term where he has netted 1p, 1p, 3p and 6p (after last night). To me, he is a 23yo that has a lot of potential, ranks 15th amongst central midfielders based on 3-highest PB Scores of 423.

MIKEL MERINO – Real Sociedad (La Liga)

3p, 1p, 2p and 8p in IPD's so far for Merino, although his average gametimeis down by around 16% to 74mins per game. If that improves he has a chance to continue to pick up IPD's and his 3 highest PB scores so far, total 482, ranking him 5th overall amongst Central Midfielders, so PB may follow. He is only 24 but Sociedad have a really easy run of fixtures, including a few multipliers and I'd be disappointed if the young, Spanish International didn't land some IPD's and challenge for PB at some point over this next month.

ALEJANDRO GOMEZ – Atalanta (Seria A)

I touched on the difficult fixture run Atalanta players have coming up when mentioning Hateboer in the Full Back thread. I really like Atalanta and really love Papu Gomez, who is a wizard for PB and IPD's.  He already has 51p in PB over the 4 phases, giving him a long-term PB PEGY of 0.03 with a 59% EGR. Quite incredible figures. For IPD's he has 10p, 9p, 7p and 16p so far in Phase 4 giving him a long-term PEGY of 0.09 and short-term of 0.02, excellent value. It's likely he will get a few more but he is no spring chicken and timing could be crucial, so I'll hang fire till their fixtures improve and just keep a small amount, in case he produces PB winning performances against the likes of Liverpool and Inter in his next 2 games, then I might look to him as fixtures ease a little before another matchup against Liverpool towards the end of the month.

KEVIN DE BRUYNE – Man City (Premier League)

Man City have some tricky EPL fixtures against Tottenham and Liverpool, either side of an Olympiakos sandwich, where they should gain some points. Think I'd prefer to wait till the two big games are out of the way first, but KDB I guess is the type of player who could swing a big game. However, Man City have not looked the best going forward, and look vulnerable at times when attacked, so I'd prefer to wait to top-up, especially as his output has dipped a little, albeit he was out for a few games. PB he has 19p, 6p, 59p, 8p – giving him some mixed PEGY figures. I'm sure he will improve on that 8p in PB terms, but timing might be crucial here. His IPD's are 14p, 15p, 10p, 10p so far. Again, these are solid numbers but it's hard to get a PEGY due to the lack of improvement, that may change over the next few months but I'm going to wait a few weeks. However, he is clearly a class act and a rare Man City hybrid as he can also pick up the occasional MB, from Phase 2 (5p) to Phase 4 (11p) gives him an MB EGR of 48% and a PEGY of 0.22. 

SERGIO CANALES – Real Betis (La Liga)

I put together this shortlist on Monday afternoon, so it was good to see Canales justify his position here, with 2 assists for Tello at Betis. The attacking mid/winger has won 16p in PB Divs across all 4 phases, and I feel flys under the radar a bit for IPD's with 2p, 6p, 3p, and now 14p in Phase 4. That gives him a long-term IPD EGR of 91% with a 0.02 PEGY and a short-term EGR of 367% with a PEGY of 0.01. Basically, excellent value for IPD's with a chance of nailing PB and I have him ranked 7th overall on 3 Highest PB scores at 525. They lack European football, but he has played for in the Spain squad in the Nations League. They face Barcelona next in La Liga, so I'd maybe hang fire on him for more favourable fixtures, but he does look like he will continue to rack up Divs.

YOURI TIELEMANS – Leicester (Premier League)

Another player shortlisted before he won PB Midfielder. In fact I even put him up in a Sportstack prediction competition and won myself £20 credit as he grabbed a couple of goals and some profit. He has won 16p in PVB Divs alone in Phase 4, but as he didn't win any through any of the first 3 phases, we can't give him a PEGY for PB. He has averaged around 88 minutes per games, and played in 8 for Leicester, so no gametime worries here. He ranks 8th behind Canales on Top3 highest PB scores (not sure of last nights score) and Leicester have some decent fixtures in Europa, although are set to face Wolves and Liverpool soon. For that reason alone, I'd probably wait till just after those games, although they could also potentially get results in both of them, as they are playing really well as a unit right now. He has 6p, 2p, 1p and 6p currently for IPD's – so long-term a bit flat, but short-term it's a 500% EGR with 0.02 PEGY. Worth including, as in-form and a couple of potentially easy Europa League matchups against Braga.

FEDERICO VALVERDE – Real Madrid (La Liga)

Could Valverde become the Uruguayan Joshua Kimmich? I jest, a little bit, but the 22yo is ranked 18th on 3 highest PB scores totalling 408 this season and has been catching my eye, notably when scoring against Barcelona and then getting a goal and an assist at the weekend. Real Madrid actually have 3 CL fixtures, 2 against Milan and 1 against Shahktar over the next 29 days, they have 3 Silver and 3 Gold Days and Valverde for me looks one of their best options to challenge for TOTM and IPD's, maybe even PB. His IPD's read 3p, 3p, 1p and 8p so far and he has a long-term EGR of 39% and short-term of 700% with PEGY's of 0.16 and 0.01 respectively. Hard not to see those figures improve with a few months left and a ton of fixtures. 

DAICHI KAMADA – Frankfurt (Bundesliga)

Kamada is starting to show improving IPD's with 0p, 3p, 4p and 8p. So through the last 3 phases he has an EGR of 63% and PEGY of 0.11. However, Frankfurt don't have any European competition and although he has won 4p in PB, it's going to be probably more for short-term fixture trading and I'm happy to leave alone.

GAEL KAKUTA – Lens (Ligue 1)

Is on corners, penalties and probably set pieces for Lens, and averages 81 minutes per game. IPD's of 0p, 3p, 4p and 8p show improvement with a 63% medium term EGR, 100% short term, giving IPD PEGY's of 0.11 and 0.07 . Like Kamada, one to keep an eye on for when fixtures turn around, but no European competition again so happy to leave, because in this current FI landscape, you could be stuck holding some of these players if they don't produce. 

TEJI SAVANIER – Montpelier (Ligue 1)

Montpelier have a handful of good fixtures over the next month, so I'd expect Savanier to at least challenge for PB or win some IPD's. However, not sure if he might be suspended for one of those, as he picked up a red card a few weeks ago. PB wise, he has 0p, 24p, 0p and 30p across all 4 phases, but we can only measure the EGR from Phase 2 to Phase 4 which is 12% and 0.11 PEGY. For IPD's he has 1p, 7p, 0p, 8p so far – that's a 7% long-term EGR and 0.12 PEGY. It's not bad but I need something a little extra, again with no European competition. However, the fixture run looks promising but I'm happy to swerve as I think he will struggle for TOTM, unless producing a masterclass in all 3 fixtures. He is on penalties but I'm happy to wait.


Simply put, PB wise, he ranks as the 4th best Attacking Mid/Winger with a total of 600 from his 3 highest PB scores so far this season. His PB figs read 6p, 6p, 18p, 14p with long-term PEGY of 0.05 with an EGR of 33%. For IPD's he has 16p, 12p, 3p and 4p – so sadly all we can measure are his last 2 which gives him an EGR of 33% and a PEGY of 0.07, so he needs to start producing. PSG actually have quite an interesting run of fixtures, so for me he looks a good option, but as with all 30+ players, we have to time an exit right but he is the one bright spot in the PSG midfield.

JORGINHO – Chelsea (Premier League)

Not one of the better ones for average minutes, and it's an unknown if he will be rotated more regularly and perhaps even lose out on penalties to Werner, after he has missed a few recently. He has won 17p in PB Divs over all 4 phases and his IPD's read 5p, 3p, 0p, 8p so he has long-term EGR of 17% and PEGY of 0.24. His 3 highest PB scores total 462, placing him in 7th for all Central Midfielders but I just worry about the potential loss of penalties and reduced gametime going forward. 

ZINEDINE FERHAT – Nimes (Ligue 1)

Bearing in mind, this is Nimes but Ferhat is the shining star in this squad it seems with IPD's of 0p, 3p, 1p and 7p. He takes corners from one side and has racked up the assists and weighed in with a few goals. So he has medium term EGR of 52% and short-term EGR of 600% equating to PEGY's of 0.17 and 0.02 respectively. Again, this is Nimes, but thought I would throw his name out there.


On corners but is only averaging around 59 minutes gametime at the moment. So IPD's of 1p, 3p, 0p and 8p so far, give him a long-term EGR of 63% and PEGY of 0.05. He is on corners and if he can just get some more gametime, could see his scores start to improve. Having said that, he is 9th overall for Central Midfielder, on Top3 highest PB's, totalling 458 and they do have Champions League football. Chelsea and PSG won't be easy in their next 2 games, but after that things get a little easier and I'd be looking to get involved then.

So, that's it for now. Next post will focus on Forwards. If anyone wants to know about a player in particular, just drop me a note in the comments below and I'll respond as soon as I can.