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Being new to the world of football this year, I was fascinated by the range of websites out there, offering the potential to win BIG money through statistical analysis or traditional knowledge of football. Football Index has really suited my skillset and experience with regards to trading but I've been keen to diversify into other platforms, specifically for Fantasy Football.

I've decided, after research and testing a few different sites, that THE BEST, and most professional Fantasy Football platform I have come across is Fanteam. They offer Fantasy contests across the EPL, Serie-A, Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1 and many others. They also have a sportsbook and cover a range of other sports, and really are an excellent 1-stop-shop for football fans. There are a range of contests to suit all budgets, ranging from €0.50 up to €200 for smaller-field contests. There are single match tournaments, matches across multiple leagues, rookie freerolls, satellites to bigger tournaments and 1-1 player matchups where you can win 500x your stake.  They also have a huge €100k Premier League Finale on the 26th July with a massive €20k first prize.

Before I get started on it, I've got an offer for you. There is a €50K EPL Main Event on Wednesday 8th July, covering Man City v Newcastle, Sheffield United v Wolves, West Ham v Burnley and Brighton v Liverpool.

Anyone who signs up using the banner below or at the bottom of this post, will receive a FREE €2 entry to the €6,000 game and a FREE additional €20 entry to the €50K game if they deposit for the first time. Just drop me your Fanteam username via Twitter @fbitrader once you've registered and deposited, and I'll make sure you are well taken care of. 

Just to summarise a few things, you actually get more bonus points, the cheaper your players are. Captain's get double points and Vice Captains get x1.5 points but they do costs x2 and x1.5 more, so there is a decent strategy there to reward ‘value priced' players IF you can find them.

The scoring matrix is below, and to me makes a lot of sense, especially if you can find a goalscoring defender/midfielder who are rewarded more than a forward and also get clean sheet bonuses.

The great thing is that they give a quick view to each players' form, points and price. You also get a lot of useful info about each players form, their impact, minutes played, goal and assists average etc as below.

You can pick any combination of players you like, with a max of 3 players per club. They also flag whether a player is confirmed for the lineup, expected, on the bench or injured/suspended. The other real massive appeal is that there is also a “Safety Net” – if one of your players does not start a game, you get an automatic substitution. If a player does not start his match, he will be replaced by an automatic sub if possible. The system will look for a replacement player who
1) is from the same club as the original player
2) plays in the same position as the original player
3) costs the same or less as the original player

This is huge, there are quite a few other sites out there who do not even provide a substitute option, so you could be stuck with a player who earns you 0 points and costs you any chance of winning a tournament – you don't need to worry about that with Fanteam, which is an excellent approach to take. 

So, all in all – I think if you are a fan of Fantasy Football and looking for a solid and reliable website, where you don't need to buy cards to participate in tournaments, give Fanteam a go – click on the banner below and leave any comments below or drop me a msg on Twitter @fbitrader.