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If you didn't see my post on Champions League IPD & PB Plays, you can read it here. These are based on analysis of the new PEGY data, which now has it's own dedicated page and is updated each day. The Europa League also offers the x1.25 multiplier and is well worth playing, even if there is a little more variance and volatility in results. Let's dive straight into some of the big teams and their key stats. Again, I'm focusing on those in prime position in their groups, in PB leagues, but you could also include non-PB teams that are showing up well, Rangers, Benfica, AZ Alkmaar, Zagreb etc but I'm trying to keep it brief as there are a LOT of teams. For the sake of brevity, I'll just focus on the following teams, filter by those with average gametime of 70+ minutes and hopefully it will produce a decent list of players to follow. The teams I'm focusing on are GROUP A – ROMA, GROUP B – ARSENAL, GROUP C – LEVERKUSEN, GROUP E – GRANADA, GROUP F – NAPOLI & REAL SOCIEDAD, GROUP G – LEICESTER, GROUP H – LILLE & MILAN, GROUP I – VILLAREAL, GROUP J – TOTTENHAM & LASK, GROUP K – WOLFSBURG and GROUP L – HOFFENHEIM.

Once again, these are the timeframes for each Phase -: 

Phase 1 – 9/8/2019 – 25/11/2019 (108 days)

Phase 2 – 26/11/2019 – 13/3/2020 (108 days) (Covid)

Phase 3 – 16/5/2020 – 23/08/2020 (99 days) (Post Covid – End of Season)

Phase 4 – 24/8/2020 – Current Phase (Will reach 99 days on 1/12/2020)


Let's look at this a little differently and try to identify the best value options in different positions. Now, there will be guys who have < 70 Minutes who are likely better value, but I think this is as good an option as any, as we saw yesterday, it was not so much Bruno giving up the penalty that was costly, although it's happened before and was likely to happen after he has messed up a few lately before retakes, but the fact is that he also played < 60 minutes, so it's a factor that should be taken into consideration, especially when players are facing ‘weak' opposition and gain a comfortable lead early on.


GIANLUIGI DONNARUMMA has a decent EGR of 33$, PEGY of 0.14, 90 MIns and a 14% Yield. Priced at just £1.16 he looks a good option. HUGO LLORIS and BERND LENO represent North-London and have better EGR and Yields than Donnarumma, even if their Avg Gametime minutes are lower, but both have PEGY's of 0.02. In terms of long-term PEGY, it looks like LLORIS may be the better option of the pair, especially given Tottenham's excellent start to the season, and they have shored up their defence with the likes of Reguilon and Doherty.


In terms of short-term IPD's THEO HERNANDEZ has a PEGY of 0.29, an EGR of 33%, EGR of 8% and solid Avg Gametime of 81 Minutes so looks a good option here. At the ‘value' end of the scale, PAU TORRES has a PEGY of 0.16, EGR of near 6% and 76 Mins gametime, however I prefer Italian international GIOVANNI DI LORENZO at Napoli, who has 84 Mins, PEGY of 0.02, EGR of 200% and IPD Yield of 24%, he also has a better longer term PEGY than the aforementioned players. The only other to consider for short-term IPD's is LEONARDO SPINAZZOLA with an EGR of 100%, PEGY of 0.03, good long-term PEGY and Yield of 24%. 


FABIAN RUIZ of Napoli has a 20% EGR, PEGY of 0.32 and both short and long-term PEGY, but a Yield of just 10%. However, he is a class player so am happy to go with him. YOURI TIELEMANS at Leicester has a huge 700% EGR over the last 2 Phases, with Average Gametime of 90 Minutes and a Yield of near 16% and PEGY of 0.01, so has to be shortlisted, and it also makes him a good FPL play in my opinion. There appear to be plenty of value options in the midfield range, JORDAN VERETOUT at Roma, FRANCK KESSIE at Milan, MIKEL MERINO at Sociedad, DIADIE SAMASSEKOU at Hoffenhem, RIDLE BAKU at Wolfsburg and VICENTE IBORRA at Villareal al have excellent EGR, Yield's and PEGY's. That's a lot of midfielders and I'd probably focus on those with decent long-term PEGY's to shorten that list, while considering PB PEGY's…more of that later.


By comparison, there are fewer Forwards of interest here, from a short-term IPD perspective. HARRY KANE has better short-term figures than long-term but he does also have media appeal. However, his average Gametime is down compared to last season and he could be used sparingly in some of the easier matchups. The same comments apply to SON HEUNG-MIN, but he does have better PEGY, EGR and Yields than his team-mates and so I'm happy to include him, given his red-hot form. JONATHAN BAMBA at Lille has excellent short-term EGR of 500%, also long-term PEGY should be good, EGR of near 11% and high Average gametime of 86 mins. 


So, using the long-term IPD, which gives an indication of consistent IPD value performers, there are very few additional players to add to the lists above. The standout to me looks to be 23yo DAVIDE CALABRIA, who is getting 61% more gametime at nearly 77 minutes, with a 26% long-term IPD Yield, huge 115% EGR and 0.03 PEGY. MIKE MAIGNAN is the Goalkeeper for Lille who has some positive long-term stats, as does DENNIS GEIGER at Hoffenheim. Looking at the list of players for short-term IPD's, especially midfielders, the filtered shortlist with the best PEGY's, would be HUGO LLORIS, GIOVANNI DI LORENZO, LEONARDO SPINAZZOLA, FRANCK KESSIE and VICENTE IBORRA


As we can see, there are very few short, or long-term PB performers worth considering from the teams above. MIKEL OYARZABAL is down on his average gametime, but he as the short and long-term PB potential, with an 8% Yield, 250% EGR and so has to go in. SON HEUNG-MIN is a great IPD/PB hybrid, with a huge 2100% EGR, his long-term PB can't be calculated, neither can most of these due to having 0 PB Divs in Phase 1. ANDREJ KRAMARIC and MAXIMILIAN ARNOLD are two players worth including and again we have JONATHAN BAMBA, who again is another with PB/IPD hybrid potential. Those 3 also have good Average gametime.


There are not as many opportunities as there are in Champions League teams, which makes sense as the CL features the best players. However, I hope some of the above gives you some ideas of players who could shine over the next month or so.